An Open Letter to Trump Voters

Dear Trump Supporters:

First, in response to the Trump supporter who complained that people at cocktail parties were treating him as, let us say, less than intelligent.

Hmmmmmm, for years I have been treated that way in many business settings, so I say what so many right-wingers have said to me and other women: “What. That’s just normal. Stop whining.” Or as a Trump supporter recently put it when I dared to criticize a particularly sexist meme, “Have some whine with your cheese.”

Since Wednesday, you have absolutely no right to complain about what I say or how I say it. I can say what I feel and to hell with your feelings. You have redefined political discourse — mean, ad hominem, crude. And the mean guys won. I want to win next time, so let the mean begin.

I think I’ll call you bozos. Nasty? Hey, don’t you have any stamina? I’m just a nice person who speaks with such honesty I sometimes say rude things. I will pause here so you can look up the big words from the previous paragraphs.

So do I really believe bozos are bad? Some of you — the white hooded people and the scrub cuts from Milwaukee who never learned to bend their knees — you clearly have no conscience or empathy for anyone or anything. Please, goosestep yourselves to hell. Or better, let’s lock you up! Lock you up! Lock you up!

But to those of you (especially if you believe yourselves to be Christian) who just thought Trump’s flirtation with fascist thought and his complete lack of empathy for the unwhite, unmale, and undocumented, people who pray to Allah rather than God, wasn’t really serious, I want to say you are responsible. Naivete in the information age is no excuse.

I repeat, you are responsible. For the children (and I happen to know one of them) who tearfully ask if Mommy or Daddy is going to be “kicked out.” For the federal workers, who spent their lives in service to you, now fretting over losing their jobs. For the the millions who today believe they might lose their health insurance. For the pain, the tears, and the anxiety now and especially in the coming months. For my dark skinned friend who got accosted on his way to work by one of you bozos yelling as he drove away “Are you a real American?”

Are you real Americans?