Lessons of 2014

  1. The goal of family court is to get it over rather than to get it right. Thus does it fail to deliver justice.
  2. Losing a loved one is a crater in your heart, but the indescribable pain is the price of loving.
  3. The joy of loving is greater than the pain of losing.
  4. You never get over the loss of a loved one. You just learn to live with it better.
  5. If an interviewer tells you the last person who had the job disappeared, disappear.
  6. Never go to Iceland for fewer than five days. Weather there can result in cancellations, which means you will miss a lot of beautiful scenery.
  7. Forgiving enemies is essential not only to spiritual health, but also to mental health.
  8. When inquiring about wheelchair access to a restaurant, insist on details. A slick muddy hill and two big guys from the kitchen do not constitute wheelchair access.
  9. Every day and especially during hard times, thank God for everything you have.
  10.  My late father warned me that smart people are the most persecuted class of people in the world. Smart, quiet, competent people are in fact the most popular victims of bullies, so I think he was right.

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